E-mail is hands-down the most effective form of social marketing when it comes to increasing your e-mail list, getting new subscribers, and getting online donations for your nonprofit. However, no one may be telling you about this crucial tool that can help double, or even triple your e-mail list.


What’s this crucial tool, you ask? 


It all comes down to e-mail subscribe forms. Take a look at your website. What does the most visible real estate give priority to? Is it to the donate button? Is it to your slider, or your menu bar which takes up nearly the top third of your screen? 

It should be the e-mail opt-in form that’s given priority. The reason why is because when your website visitor arrives at your website, the first thing they should see is a clear call to action and a request to join your nonprofit’s e-mail list. This means that your website needs to be well-designed, fully responsive so it works on their mobile devices, and that it should be structured in a way that allows for easy access to your content. 


When your website is well-designed, it helps it stand out from the others, and captures the attention of your website visitors immediately. Your e-mail subscribe form should also be well designed to immediate capture that split-second decision your visitor will make about whether to join up with your cause, or to donate, and to spread the word. 


Make sure that your e-mail subscription form is featured prominently on your most popular landing pages, blog posts, and video or photo gallery section of your website. This allows for multiple points of contact with your prospective donor when they are presented with a clear and tangible opportunity to get onto your e-mail list. 


By making your e-mail subscription visible, clear, and accessible on the top navigation menu, or as a pop-up screen as a part of an urgent call to action advocacy campaign, and also on your most popular and engaging pieces of content, you’ll see your e-mail list grow by leaps and bounds over the year. 


Do you have any further questions about how to grow your e-mail list? We’d like to know how it’s been going for you. Send us an e-mail about how you’ve been managing your e-mail list! 

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