People change over time, and so do websites. But for many nonprofit websites, they don’t keep up with the latest standards in web design, accessibility, and technology. One study revealed that 84% of nonprofit websites aren’t even optimized for mobile devices! Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of our prospective donor for instance using a mobile device to check out information about a nonprofit that he or she saw on social media. 

Here’s what our prospective donor sees on his or her mobile device: 

This website is not accessible on a mobile device, like an iPhone, to our prospective donor. It is not easy to navigate, the text is very small to read, and it is not immediately clear without a lot of zooming in what kind of a nonprofit organization it is. 

So, then, what does an optimized website look like? It looks very much like this one that we did for the United Way of Winona below: 

Our prospective donor can see that this website is clearly optimized for his or her mobile device. It’s easy to read, to accessible, and our prospective donor can immediately see what the nonprofit organization is up to. There is a very visible donate button on the mobile website for the United Way of the Greater Winona Area. It helps them keep the donations coming in since most website traffic is now coming through mobile devices. 

This website is also optimized not just for smartphones, but for tablet devices as well. The importance of mobile design means that your website has to work on ALL devices, not just the desktop and a smart phone. 

So how can you know if your nonprofit’s website is optimized? Do this simple test, which you can see in the demo video below:


Just resizing the screen can show you if your nonprofit’s website is updated and is optimized for mobile devices. Take the test now, and if your website isn’t updated and does not work on mobile devices, then it’s time to upgrade to a mobile-friendly website like the Itechra CMS. For more information, click to contact us here, or give us a call at 507-454-2475!

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