Are you experiencing high bounce rates on your nonprofit’s website, and you’re wondering why people are leaving so quickly the minute they land on your website? If your website is outdated and not responsive in design, then your online visitors aren’t going to stick around to become a supporter of your nonprofit. This is because the content on your website on their mobile devices is hard to navigate, and they cannot easily access content or make donations the way they can on the desktop version of your site.

Mobile traffic is on the rise, and accounted for 17% of global web usage according to a 2013 study done by Statista and Mashable. This means it is more crucial than ever that your website meets the growing traffic on mobile devices, and that your potential donors have a seamless experience on your website on their mobile devices and their desktop. Otherwise, by having an outdated website, you are losing out on valuable leads every day that you could use to support your nonprofit’s campaign, and to make an even greater impact in your community on a local and a global scale. 

When your potential donors arrive on your website that is mobile-friendly, they are going to stay around longer to consume the content on your site, and to learn more about your nonprofit, and why they should donate to your campaigns. The bounce rate gets lower the more time your visitors spend on your website. That is a sign that your website is now optimized for mobile devices, and that you are reaching those needed donors successfully. 

In addition to a lower bounce rate, responsive web design also helps with search engines. Google prefers having one site that is responsive on all mobile devices rather than several sites designed for different devices. So with having a lower bounce rate on a website that is optimized for mobile devices, will go a long way in helping boost the ranking of your website in Google. 

Have any questions about responsive design and how it can lower your bounce rate? Contact usand learn how our innovative Itechra CMS fully utilizes responsive design to convert your web visitors into donors. 

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